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is a diversified trading company that supplies resources, materials and equipment to Ukrainian business entities.

Companies in the energy sector, large-scale industry, metallurgical and construction industries, transport and other serious business areas entrust us with the status of their sole supplier.

We provide product quality control along with the effective communication at every stage of interaction with customers according to the rules of the 21st century.

We implement convenient cooperation scenario
Flexible pricing system

Our financial offers are made transparently and fairly. We set prices taking into account specific needs, supply schedules and volumes of purchases.

Convenient payment terms

We understand that every company has its own payment calendar, so we discuss a personal payment plan with each client.

Delivery in time

We believe that every business should work incessantly at the agreed capacity, therefore we deliver the necessary amount of resources in time.

High quality product

We offer high quality resources (ISO and QMS certificates), as we work with reliable manufacturers who have proven their respectability.

Wide product range

We do not lobby specific manufacturers, and yet offer several options of finished products to help our clients to make the best choice.

our mission

To become a recognized national supply trader which provides the Ukrainian business and industry with comprehensive resource support. To facilitate our country to become an industrialized center of Europe.

Our values

HIGH SCALE – we are experienced in working with large volumes and complex supply.
SPEED – Same-day delivery: “All we can get and deliver today- We do not postpone for tomorrow.”
STABILITY – we provide stable deliveries in time and in full.
RELIABILITY – we comply with all the agreements reached during the negotiations.
PROFESSIONALISM – We provide the maximum service at each stage of interaction with our clients.
FLEXIBILITY – we offer a personal plan of cooperation with every client according to the rhythm of their business.

Mutual agreement sealed with a firm handshake is above all.

Our management

Our human resource is our greatest asset. Therefore let us get acquainted with our team:

General management
Operational management
Legal support
Staff management
Rolled metal / Equipment
Coal products sales
Coal products purchases
Оil products
Mineral fertilizer
Electricity / Natural gas
Electricity tender / commercial sales

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